My Ahh Ha moment

Think about this for a minute…If you want to be blonde no matter what your budget there’s a kit for that, same thing if you wish you were a brunette, and if you wish you had straight hair or curly. It doesn’t stop there, if you want blue eyes or green. If you want to be tall, platform heels, if you want to be skinny, body wraps. If you want couture there’s T.J. Maxx. What if you want to change your smile. What if you hate your crooked teeth? What if you need a bridge but Medicaid only pays for extraction. What if you’re self pay at the dentist, do you get the crown or make do with the temporary. Pulling a tooth because you can’t afford to save it will change your smile. The gap in your smile is something you think about every time you smile for a picture, take a selfie, or walk in front of the mirror. How can we bleach our own teeth, tattoo & pierce ourselves but fillings are for the rich and very poor. A great smile changes everything. If everyone had the possibility of a great smile available, people would live longer, they would be happier, they would age slower and they would work longer. That’s the truth!


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