…And Justice for All…


I know life isn’t always fair. Believe me that I know! But for years I’ve been outraged at how out of reach the perfect smile is. Did you realized 75% of American’s suffer from malocclusion (or “bad bite”, the main cause for braces) That is HUGE!!!! If you are NOT one of the lucky kids to get braces, then you have crowded teeth which leads to an impossibility of proper brushing, which leads to gum disease and tooth loss. When are we going to realize this is a national health crisis! Not only that, healthy teeth and gums are interwoven with everything sacred and true that is the American dream. People with bad teeth won’t interview as well. People with bad teeth won’t date as well. Which means they potentially won’t work as well or marry as well. Such an important issue that strikes at our very core and is out of reach for most Americans. This should be a national issue, the fact that most company’s don’t even offer dental insurance and the wait for the few plans that do exist is often six months to a YEAR! In a year a tooth can go from a filling to needing a root canal. The average root canal cost $1,200.00 not including the crown!!! So for most people your only choice is extraction! How is this a choice? Now your whole bite is thrown off and you’re putting more stress on teeth that weren’t designed for the load. Which creates more stress and more cavities and if left untreated creates another root canal or potential extraction. How is it possible that we are eliminating the middle class through tooth decay! Really it’s that serious. Open your eyes! We all need our teeth and studies show, we have more respect for people with pretty ones! Live Well, Brush Well