Your Smiley Face :)


Smile is the best accessory that one can flaunt. It has been seen that a sweet smile is enough to break the ice among strangers. Many a love stories have been triggered off by a sweet smile and many songs have been dedicated by lovers to the sweet smile of their beloved. The art of mastering the perfect smile is extremely crucial for all of us. After all, who does not want to look good? All of us want to – right? A smile alone can light up your entire face and make you look ravishing. Have you thought why some snaps of yours are better than the others? It is only because of your smile. A smile changes the contours of your face and accentuates your features. A sweet smile can transform you from a plain Jane to a ravishing Diva.

One needs to sport a good set of teeth while smiling. It is important that you consult a dentist and get your smile situation fixed. Nothing is more unattractive and disturbing than a set of ugly teeth jutting out every time you smile. It is important that you get your gum and teeth setting rectified as required. That does not mean that it is a dire necessity. Many people are supposed to have a sweet smile even if the setting of their teeth is not perfect and correct.

Lips play an important role while smiling. Ensure that your lips are not chapped, and are perfectly outlined and filled with lipstick,

in order to accentuate your features.Chapped lips are a no-no and rob the charm from your smiles.

Ensure that your smile is genuine and reaches to your eyes. Nothing is a big turn off than a pretentious and false smile. Even if you grin, ensure that it reaches your eyes and seem genuine. Only then will it reach the heart of others.